Does She See Her Beauty?

I wonder if this rose realizes how beautiful she is?

How she inspires my soul and lifts my spirit?

Does she know how much joy she gives me?

Does she realize how lovely the delicate aroma she exudes is?

How she brightens my day with her smile?

Does she see her beauty?

Or does she only see her imperfections?

Her creases and crinkles?

Her one petal that has been scorched by the hot sun?

Yet, this is part of her beauty.

Part of her story and life here on earth.

She has not lived a perfect life.

Her petals have been roughened by the clumsy hands of small children.

Yet, she is beautiful in all her imperfections!

With all her wrinkles and creases.

My heart is full when I see this rose.

She proclaims the glory of her Creator!

I gaze upon her loveliness…

and wonder…

Does she see her beauty?

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