Dear Jesus, Help Me Be a Radiant Light

Photo by: Dhivakaran S. Used with permission.

When my children are not listening and there is chaos all around me.

Dear Jesus, help me spread Your frangrance everywhere I go.

When I am tired and worn.

Flood my soul with Your spirit and life.

When I am so absorbed in my own concerns and desires.

Penetrate and possess my whole being so utterly,

that my life may be only a radiance of Yours.

When I’d rather zone out on my entertainment.

Shine through me, and be so in me

When I’d rather not give my full attention to others.

that every soul I come in contact with may feel Your presence in my soul.

When I am having a bad day and so overwhelmed.

Let them look up and see no longer me, but only Jesus.

Above is a reflection I had on a portion of a prayer written by Cardinal Newman. This prayer has been very powerful in my life because it reminds me of how my life is meant to be a light to others. Sometimes I think that means heroic acts that I need to do. But really, it is primarily in the everyday moments of how I show up for others. In the daily attitude and presence that I bring to those around me. In how I radiate His light to others.

Yet, how easy it is for me to become so absorbed in my own concerns. My own needs and wants, and forget about the light of Jesus I am meant to shine for others.

How easy it is to be worn down and stressed, and feel incapable of shining that light.

I read this prayer yesterday morning, and I remembered how many times I wasn’t that light.

I remembered the many times when I have been worn and done. When my cup has been emptied and I can’t give anymore. Those times I was struggling through my day. It is in these times, I often forget to call on His grace to be that light in me.

I do not say this in condemnation of myself, but as a reminder that it is in these moments I need to remember to call on the grace of His Holy Spirit. To fill my spirit again, to give me the grace to radiate His light and inspire those around me.

As I read that prayer, it was a reminder that I am called to be a light for those around me. Especially for those I live with – my children, my husband, my mother in law, and those I see day to day.

It was a reminder to be more present to them. To present a better attitude to them. To call on God’s grace when I am struggling.

It does not mean that I won’t have bad days. Days when I am feeling sad or angry. Days when I sin and fail.

Yet, today, this prayer was a reminder for me to call on the Holy Spirit, both on the good days and the hard days, that He may create an atmosphere in my heart of calm and peace, of joy and of love, of faith and hope. That even when life is hard. Even when I’m struggling and failing. Even in the midst of external trials and chaos, my light may still shine brightly and radiate so that others may not see me, but only the love of Jesus.

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